Captain Andy’s Top Ten

Captain Andy's top ten reasons for chartering a boat for your next special event

  1. You hear sea sounds when you hold a beer to your ear
  2. The last time you got close to water you had to put down the seat
  3. You've discoverd your picture is pinned to the staff room dart board
  4. Three of your staff are named Maryanne, Ginger and Gilligan...(weird!)
  5. No one leaves the boat without a cinderblock tied to each ankle
  6. You got a set of "Sea legs" for your birthday and you need to try them out
  7. Demon's instruct you to rent a boat each time you play the theme to "Love Boat" backwards
  8. Budget restraints have reduced your annual Golf Tournament to a round of mini-putt
  9. Your summer student chuckles at the idea of being keel-hauled


And the number one reason for chartering a boat for your next special event...

  1. Photocopies of the receptionist's butt are still circulating from the last party you held in the office!!